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Useful SAT Math Shortcuts

SAT Math Shortcuts

Important SAT Math Tips

Useful SAT Math Shortcuts

Useful SAT Math Shortcuts

SAT Math Shortcuts

Important SAT Math Tips

General SAT Math Strategy

Introduction to SAT Math

SAT_Test_Whole Number


Based on the graph of the function f above, what are the values of x for which f( x) is positive?

(A)    -2 £ x < 1 or 8 < x £ 10

(B)    -2 £ x < 1 or 4 < x < 8

(C)    1 < x < 4 or 8 < x £ 10

(D)    -2 £ x £ 10

(E)     1 < x < 8


The total cost of 5 equally priced notebooks is $12.50. If the cost per notebook is reduced by $1, how much will 3 of these notebooks cost at the new rate?

(A)    $4.50

(B)    $5.00

(C)    $6.50

(D)    $7.50

(E)    $12.50


Bernardo drives to work at an average speed of 50 miles per hour and returns along the same route at an average speed of 25 miles per hour. If his total travel time is 3 hours, what is the total number of miles in the round-trip?

(A)    225

(B)    112.5

(C)    100

(D)    50

(E)    175



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